The photobooth you choose for your event should be selected based on the results you would like to achieve (i.e quality or photos / video, instant prints, etc). And how you would like the photo booth to look on the day.

Magic Mirrors can look really nice at weddings or special events – they are a nice looking feature to have in the room.  They can look really glam and grab the attention of the guests. There are lots of different Magic Mirror options available and the price range can be very different depending on the make, model and age.

The technical features have massively improved over the years. So definitely do your research before booking, especially if you are looking for enhanced features and good photo quality.

However, my personal preference is a fully managed open photobooth with a DSLR camera and a backdrop.  The main reasons for this are the user experience and also the photo quality.  With our open photobooths we have full access to the camera to zoom and tilt the camera depending on who is (and how many people) are in the photobooth. This ensures that people don’t get cut out of the photo and we can achieve all different styles of photo at the event.  It also means that tall people don’t get their heads chopped off, and small children are fully in the photo too.

I’m not a big fan of using a photobooth without a backdrop either. Because the Magic Mirrors look nice, many suppliers (not all) have them against a wall with the camera facing into the room. This typically doesn’t produce the best quality of image with lots of activity in the background.

So in summary, Magic Mirror photobooths are great – but definitely do your research if this is what you are looking for.  They can look lovely and grab the attention of guests, but it is unlikely you will achieve the same photo quality as you do with a DSLR Camera  Open Photobooth with an attendant managing the camera.

If you do decide to have a Magic Mirror and you are keen to capture good quality photos….. I’d recommend requesting a backdrop to go with it.