Gifs and Boomerangs can be included in your package and they really get your guests animated during their time in the photobooth. They are also great for sharing on social media, during or after your event. Animated Gifs and Boomerangs really bring your images to life. They are great for really getting the feel of your guests emotions during their time in the photobooth. Gif and Boomerangs are currently very popular on social media and your guests will share away on their platforms after your event. If you are having greenscreens, the greenscreens of your choice will be used in the Gif / Boomerang backgrounds. If there is a certain theme / style you would like for your gifs thats no problem as all – we can adjust the speed, number of frames and backgrounds to suit your requirements. To really enhance your guests experience and to make sure they have a ‘take away’ we will allocate frames from the gifs / boomerangs and they can also be printed instantly on your print design.