Q: What kind of flowerwalls do you offer?

A: We currently have 2 premium luxury flowerwalls available for hire. Our first option is a luscious rose gold flowerwall with white ivory flowers that creates a rich, luxurious atmosphere at any event. Our second option is a green scene greenery hedge that features white roses and wisterias, creating a natural and refreshing backdrop.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a flowerwall?

A: When looking for a flowerwall, it’s important to look for one that has no holes between the flowers. This is a common issue with many panel flowerwalls that are used and promoted as luxury, but they can look cheap and unprofessional. Our flowerwalls are carefully crafted to ensure that there are no gaps between the flowers, creating a seamless and stunning backdrop that will enhance the beauty of your event.

Q: Where do you purchase your flowerwalls from?

A: We purchase our flowerwalls from ‘The Flowerwall Shop’ (www.theflowerwallshop.com), a trusted supplier of high-quality flowerwalls. We believe in using the best products available to ensure that our clients receive a premium experience that they will remember forever.

Luxury Rose Gold Flowerwall Redditch

Luxury Rose Gold Flowerwall

Luxury Photobooth Wild Green Flowerwall Redditch

Luxury Wild Green Flowerwall