Our luxury premium flowerwalls are very popular! If you are looking for a flowerwall a big thing to look out for in the photos is that there are no holes between the flowers. These can be seen in many of the panel flowerwalls that are used and promoted as luxury. The flowerwalls that we now use are purchased from ‘The Flowerwall Shop” (www.theflowerwallshop.com) and are the very best on the market and used as permanent fixtures at high end salons and by many influencers. We also have 9 tension backdrops – Pink and White Floral, 2 wooden effect, Gold Sparkly, Silver Sparkly, Red Roses, Black with Gold Stars, Sliver spotty sparkles, blossom trees. In addition these we also have plain white or black backdrops.

Greenscreen is also a popular choice – if you choose Greenscreen you can have multiple digital backgrounds on your photos.