We specialise in premium open photobooths.

There are many different types of photobooths available on the market to hire – and we have tried most.  The different types of photobooths you can find out there include Enclosed, Open Booths, Ipad Pods, Mirrors and 360.

The reason that we specialise in Premium Open Photobooths is that in our experience they offer a much better user experience, get used more and have a far superior photo and video quality.

One of the features that I love about the photobooths that we use is that the camera is not static!  If there is a large group photo, the camera zooms out to ensure everyone is in the photo. It also zooms in for more intimate photos if there is a couple in the photobooth.  Also, we don’t chop the heads off tall people, or only get the top of childrens heads as the camera tilts up and down 🙂

You will find that most photobooths have a static camera. This seemingly small difference can have a huge impact on the quality of the photo achieved. Our photobooths also have a retake option.